Frequently Asked Questions

 What can I expect from items from Atelier Tilia?

All products are second-hand. This means that every product has signs of use. Sometimes very little, sometimes more. The condition of each item is clearly indicated in the description of the item. The beauty of vintage lies in the fact that every piece has lived in a completely different life before you take them into your home. Every scratch and dent you find tells a story and these ‘imperfections’ make every item unique and beautiful.

How does ordering work?

For more details about how to order, see how to order.

Can I see the item(s) before I buy?

Of course that’s possible! You can always make an appointment to view the item(s) without an obligation to buy them.

 Why aren’t you offering a webshop with shopping cart?

This way I can offer the best service. Atelier Tilia is a one woman business and I like to keep it personal. I want you to make a conscious choice and buy something you’ve fallen in love with. I don’t stand for over-consumption and –production. Yes, it takes a little more effort from both side – but good things take time right?!