Atelier Tilia [1] is an online shop based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, founded by me, Linde. The collection consists of preloved Scandinavian design, Dutch pottery and everything in between. The pieces vary from handcrafted to industrial.

The love for treasure hunting runs in the family: both my grandfathers were passionate collectors, and starting from an early age I went along with my dad searching for the missing pieces in his collection of Dutch glass and ceramics. On these adventures, I met great people with tons of knowledge about vintage and design. They shared their passion and knowledge with me and taught me that…

The beauty of vintage lies in the fact that with the passing of time, the items only become more beautiful by (re)using them. There are many beautiful, good quality items that have been made to last!

And so my love for pre-used items started. After my personal collection grew out of hand, Atelier Tilia was born. 

Some days even before the sun is risen, my search for hidden gems starts. Sometimes just around the corner, but this quest for the unknown (missing piece) stretches beyond borders. A few times a year I travel to countries like Denmark, Sweden and Belgium in an effort to find additions to the collection.

Everything has been carefully chosen, with a focus on design, function and simplicity. Timeless, well-made objects that will not only make you happy today, but for many years to come. I hope you will enjoy the collection as much as I did collecting it and any feedback or suggestions for items you would like to see here in the future are welcome.


[1]Tilia noun
Tilia are deciduous trees with smooth usually silver-grey bark with heart-shaped leaves. The genus occurs in Europe, North-America and Asia: Tilia is the Latin name for lime trees; lindens; basswood; Linden or in Dutch the “Linde-boom”.